Tea Scented Spice Imbued Vegetarian Assortments

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The history of this Chinese delicacy can date back to the Ming Dynasty era. Dried tofu, sea weed, sliced lotus root are placed in a pot with salt, spices, red tea, Oolong tea etc. and stewed for more than 3 hours. Then it is imbued in this marinade for 2 days to let it soaks in flavors. Spice imbued assortments with tea leaves added have a strong tea aroma and a shiny red color. Dried tofu fragrantly tender, lotus root aromatically crunchy, sea weed savourily soft, they boost people’s appetites. With this seemingly simple little dish, the key lies in the grasp of the balance in spices and the duration of imbuing. Everyone should try this Fei’s rendition of Tea scented Spice Imbued Assortments!

Middle Path Buddhist Temple of Calgary