Food Vendor Application – Step 1/3

Step 1: Food Vendor Application Form

Step 2: Cooking Equipment Form

Step 3: Food Contract Form

Calgary Vegetarian Food Festival, August 26th, 2017

Please fill in the blank below (fill in NA if not applicable):

Item Quantity Booth Fee Commission
Standard Package $100 15%
Double Package $150 15%
Non-cooking Package $50 15%
Nonprofit Package Nonprofit Standard Package

Nonprofit Double Package

Nonprofit Non-cooking Package

50% off the regular booth fee 10%
Security Deposit - $100 -
Total - - -
*We reserve the right to limit the amount of certain types of foods sold at the festival.
I have read the entire Food Vendor’s Agreement Rules and related Regulations and agree with the conditions set forth. I recognize that by signing below I have entered a contract with the Calgary Veggie Festival Committee and Rocky Sunshine Club.

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