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2017 Calgary Vegetarian Food Festival Application Guide

Document Purpose:
To provide you with an understanding of the entire application process.
This document will assist you with preparing your application to meet standards, understanding how we select vendors, and preparing for timelines. Please review all of the information contained in this document and attachments prior to completing the application.

Personal information provided in the application will not be used for purposes other than those related to the CVFF operation, programs or business purposes. Your information will be handled with respect and will not be sold, given away or provided to parties outside of the CVFF without your consent, unless the law requires that it be shared.

Application Deadline:
All application forms and packages should be submitted by July 26th, 2017.

Event Time and Location:
10am to 4pm, Aug. 26th, 2017. Bowness Community Association.
Please note that food vendors should arrive no later than 8:30 am, and non-food vendors should arrive no later than 9:30 am.

Payment and Services:
CAD$100 for standard package, including:

  • One 6-feet-long table and 2 chairs;
  • A feature in social media;
  • A web page in;
  • up to 2 electricity outlets (110 Volts, total Max. 2500Watts).

CAD$150 for double package, including:

  • Two 6-feet-long tables and 2 chairs;
  • A feature in social media;
  • A web page in;
  • One hand washing station and sink (you may have to share the station and sink with the food vendor next to you);
  • up to 4 electricity outlets (110 Volts, total Max. 5000Watts).

CAD$50 for non-cooking package, including:

  • One 6-feet-long tables and 2 chairs;
  • A feature in social media;
  • A web page in;

ALL SALES ARE BY TICKET ONLY. Vendors are not allowed to accept cash. 15% commission will be deducted from gross sales (nonprofit organization is 10% commission). Vendors will redeem their tickets after the event to determine gross sales, and we will issue a cheque to the participant.
Nonprofit organization special: 50% off the regular booth fee with 10% commission of gross sales.

The festival will produce and distribute promotional material including posters, brochures before and at the event. The vendors can provide us with your own electronic promotional material including photos, websites, social media pages etc., and the festival will publish them on the event’s website and social media pages including facebook, twitter, instagram, and wechat etc.

Food Vendor Requirements:

  1. Completing and returning the Food Vendor Application Forms (including food menu form and equipment form) before July 26th, 2017;
  2. Complete and return the Permission to Use an Approved Food Establishment Form to Alberta Health Services before July 26th, 2017;
  3. Food storage temperature records are kept and recorded once every two (2) hours;
  4. Booth is set up and ready for inspection by a Public Health Inspector no less than one (1) hour before the special event is scheduled to start, in accordance with the Provincial Food Regulation;
  5. No selling beverages of any kind, no alcoholic drinks;
  6. All dishes provided should be in sample size;
  7. Setting up the booth, including a proper sized table to fit the booth; attendees use;
  8. One hand washing station and sink (Detail please see AHS Special Event Food Vendor Package page 13);
  9. Long extension cord (30 feet above);
  10. Supplying food containers and dinnerware;
  11. Carrying cooking equipment you need and complete the related information in application form. Please note that only electronic cooking equipment are allowed except barbeque style cooking;
  12. Every food vendor must have a “standard” and a “k-class” fire extinguisher, they are available for purchase or rent at “Sprouce Fire and Safety”

All Vendors are responsible for:

  1. All forms and documents should be submitted to the festival by July 26th, 2017;
  2. Cleaning up the area around their table, keeping the area clean and tidy during the event, and dispose of any garbage into the dumpsters in storage area only. (with your registration you will receive a map and clear instructions about garbage management) The event garbage cans are for attendees to use;
  3. Upon Registration, we will be collecting a CAD$100 security deposit (please email transfer to: with your business name/organization) from all food vendors in case of damage to the location i.e. grease stains, burns, grass damage, garbage removal fees, or failure to comply with any of the event rules; security deposits will be returned after the event;
  4. Vendor must ensure that the:
    • Requirements for special events & trade shows are followed;
    • The disposal of any liquid or solid waste is in the locations designated by the event organizer;
    • At least one food handler in charge must have successfully completed one safe food handling course provided by or satisfactory to AHS Environmental Health Food Handling Courses;
    • Notify the event organizer of any changes or additions to the original application no later than (15) days prior to the date of the event;
    • Follow the Approval Inspection Checklist for Special Events & Trade Shows to ensure that everything is in place.

Contact Information:
Michelle Yi
403 6191695